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7x Things You Must Do In Lisbon

13 October 2017
Public Transport Lissabon (Tram) - Mandy van Barneveld

A few months ago I went to Lisbon for the weekend with a friend. Since it was my first time in the city I looked up a couple things that we could do during our trip. Our trip was amazing and I don’t want you to miss out on all the amazing things we have seen and done!

1. Buy a 24h Bus, Tram and Metro card

When you land at the airport you will have to get to your accommodation. Of course, you can book a taxi, but it’s really easy to get to the center by public transport. At the airport there are areas with fending machines that make it really easy to purchase a 24-hour card for public transport. The card is valid from the moment you check in on the bus, tram or metro for 24 hours. Also on the old trams (including tram 28) which goes straight through the center.

2. Do some sightseeing

Since it was our first time we also wanted to see the highlights that every tourist wants to see. Our Bed and Breakfast was really close to Praça do Comércio. This is a nice square with lots of terraces and shops. Next to shopping we visited a couple highlights such as Jeronimos Monestry, Castelo de São Jorge, Praca dos Restauradores and the National Pantheon of Santa Engrácia.
Public Transport Lissabon (Tram) - Mandy van Barneveld

3. Visit a Rooftop Bar

Lisbon is a city build on seven hills which means a lot of bars, restaurants and viewing points have an amazing view over the city. Rooftop Bars that you should really visit are Park Bar and Memmo Alfama Hotel. These have a completely different view over a part of Lisbon. Park Bar is awesome because it is on the 7th floor of a car park. You will first have to take a really old tiny elevator to the 6th floor and then 1 more staircase to the 7th. You don’t expect it at all when your in the elevator but once you’re on top you are a in different world. Park Bar has a DJ, cocktail shakers and the best view over the city. The rooftop of the Memmo Alfama Hotel is better when you are in need of a relaxing chair, a swimming pool and a calming view over the Lisbon houses and the water.
Rooftop Lisbon - Mandy van Barneveld

4. Relax at the Beach

Of course you are going on a city trip to see the city but that does not mean you cannot take a day to chill out at the beach. Since we had a public transport card for the tram, bus and metro, we decided to go to a beach not to far from the center. We went to Algés Beach. A really small beach very close to the city center and under an hour by bus. Our plan was to go to Caravelos Beach, but this turned out to be a little bit further than expected. So we changed our plan and went to Algés Beach which is not to big but also not very crowded. There is even a small cafe if you would like to eat or drink something.
Beach Lisbon - mandy van Barneveld

5. Spend some money while shopping

Lisbon has a big shopping mall which has airconditioning and is perfect to shop if you wish to cool down a little bit on hot summer days or when you’re visiting in a colder season. But you should not skip the local markets as you can stumble on some unique finds here. We visited the Feira da Ladra, a really big market with clothing, antiques, books, souvenirs and much more. Another great market that you should pay a visited to is the LX Factory market! This is an industrial site full of galleries, creative shops and cute restaurants. Don’t forget to visit the bookshop Livraria Ler Devagar!
LX Factory market Lisbon - Mandy van Barneveld

6. Eat the best food

We did not look up any restaurants before our trip but just wandered and when we felt the need to eat we just sat down at the places that had a tasty menu. So far this all worked really well. The first night we went to Mezzo Giorno for dinner. This was an Italian restaurant which served delicious risotto and great cocktails! It was located on a small courtyard just off the main shopping street Rue Garrett. The next day we went to the Time Out food market(Mercado da Ribeira). This covered market is great for when it’s raining or when you don’t know what to eat for dinner. With over 30 stalls you can pick whatever you like. In the middle of all the food stalls you have huge tables where you can enjoy your picked dish with a nice glass of wine or a good cocktail. The final hotspot that I would recommend is Pharmacia. What makes this place so special is the the interior, as it is fully decorated as a pharmacy. This cool museum has a garden out front where you can enjoy tapas and soak up some sun at the same time.
Pharamacia Lunch Restaurant Lisbon - Mandy van Barneveld

7. Go clubbing

Of course we could not leave the city before dancing the night away in the bars of Bairro Alto. You can do a pub crawl from Praça Luís de Camões, but we decided to explore the nightlife on our own and start with drinks on Pink street. We first went to Pink Wine Spot, a cute bar underneath the bridge. While enjoying our drinks we got accompanied by a Portugese singer and his guitar which made the atmosphere cosy and intimate. After talking for hours we decided to get back on the street. While we were sipping our cocktails Pink street had filled up with lots of people who celebrated the weekend. It is really normal to stay and drink on the streets till late. We decided to move on to a club to finally show our hidden dance moves, and ended up at Lust in Rio. A really nice outdoor venue with a DJ playing international tracks. The

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