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Dynamic Store – Fashionweek

17 July 2016

This year was only my second year visiting Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam (MBFWA). I had tickets for the show of Zyanya Keizer and decided to go to some off-schedule events. One of these off-schedule events was the dynamic store at the A’dam Tower.

2016-07-03 18.21.13

The dynamic store was in one area of the Adam Tower; The Loft. Brands such as Chris van den Elzen, Elvira t Hart and Lisa Konno presented their clothing. The best thing about this pop-up store was you could not only see and experience the designs but actually buy them!

2016-07-03 18.21.17-1

This was the piece I loved most! And look at that view.. We also had the opportunity to go to the rooftop to enjoy the view from their, which was the perfect opportunity to make some nice shots!

2016-07-03 18.49.45-2

2016-07-03 18.49.52

2016-07-03 18.43.11-2

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